Koi Cafe Automatic Fish Feeder

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The Koi Cafe Automatic Fish Feeder has been developed as the industry’s first automated feeder for feeding ornamental fish. All you have to do is simply set the Koi Cafe,s battery powered timer (you can determine how much Koi Food goes to the fish per feeding also you can control when those feedings occur) and train the fish to feed when you can be there to view them.

Imagine being able to go away for the weekend and being sure that your investment will be fed.

Why an automatic feeder for ornamental fish?
Well research shows it is better to feed fish small amounts of food several times during a day, versus one large feeding. With the Koi Cafe’™, you program the digital timer for the precise time to feed (up to 8 per day), and the amount that you want dispensed. Timer can be set for 2 – 60 secondsThis system provides a standard feeding schedule.

• Holds approx 2 kgs of food.
• These feeders are delivered with a rechargeable batteries and digital timer.

Depending on stock availability, colour is not guaranteed (Green / Red / Beige)

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CBF-4000, CBF-8000, CBF-12000, CBF-15000


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