Edu-Science Male Anatomy Model

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Effectively, this model acts as an easy to assemble puzzle whereby the organs fit comfortably into the body torso and are secured in the correct place by the rib cage.
A guidebook including interesting facts and instructions is included to assist and complement the learning process.

What do our bodies looks like from the inside?
– How does a human body function?
– What roles & functions do our organs have to fulfil and where can they be located?
– Children are interested in these kinds of questions and now they can find a lot of answers by examining the human anatomy model
– Detachable organs: lungs, heart, liver, stomach and intestine
– Subjacent organs, brain and musculature are clearly visible
– Recommended from the age of 6 onwards

-Height: 27 cm
Age: 8+
Pieces: 11

Warning: CHOKING HAZARD – Small Pieces
Not for children under 3 years of age

This Product is certified with ISO9001,ISO14001,ISO13485,and ICTI certificates.
Manufactured with CE,GS,FCC,UL ETL and PSE electrical products requirements.
Produced to comply with all RoHS,WEEE and REACH requirements.