DIY Paving Mould – Matrix


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Dimensions: 60X60X6cm

Weight 1.5Kg

Product Features:
– Durable hard plastic
– Easy to use
– Reusable
– Random or Continuous pattern
– Large cobble stones
– Affordable Paving
– Recyclable

Product Description:
The mold is made of recyclable durable hard plastic and has been designed and developed for the D.I.Y enthusiast that wants to create a rustic paving look in their garden. It can be used to design your own personal garden path, tea garden, braai areas, courtyards, terraces, patio areas, driveways (foundation first) and can be used for cladding on walls for a rock art finish. The mold can be rotated to give you a random pattern in the paving or a continuous pattern when not rotated. Paving large areas is best done utilizing two or more molds simultaneously, thus saving you time. The paving can be grouted in a different colour between the crevices for good contrast.

This is all done in three easy steps:
1. Fill the mold with concrete
2. Smooth the surface
3. Take the mold away