Disposable Medical Graded 3-Ply Face Mask With Ear Loops 50PK


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A flexible, loose-fitting mask designed to be placed over the mouth and/or nose of a healthcare worker to permit normal breathing while protecting the patient and wearer from the transfer of large particles (e.g., blood, body fluids, and airborne particulate materials) during medical procedures and patient examination; it is not a form-shaped filtering device (i.e., not a respirator). It is made of a flexible, porous fabric or paper material and is typically secured using elastic head straps or ties; it may incorporate a forming nosepiece (metal wire) and/or transparent face/eye visor intended to protect the upper face/eyes from debris/fluid. This is a single-use device
3 layer
Material – 25gsm pp+ 25gsm melt blown cloth + 25gsm PP
Expiratory resistance
Inhalation resistance
Bacterial filtration efficiency >=95%
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